‘It is all about offering you access to our vault of illuminating experiences.’

The Fireflies.

We are The Fireflies, your creative partner for fascinating live entertainment. We are specialists in creating surprising event programs and artistic advisors for developing entertainment concepts. We have been a guiding light for unique live entertainment ever since.

What we do.

We create line-ups and entertainment programs with acts and artists from our extensive database full of unique live acts. We book the artists and take care of everything behind the scenes for a perfect performance. See us as your independent booking agent, entertainment producer and artistic advisor. All in one.

Yet, we are not simply a booking agency. We create entertainment programs that match your event. Whatever the theme, goal or occasion, we always manage to create a creative and fascinating entertainment program.

  • We take all productional worries off your hands,
  • We book the artists and manage the entire process,
  • We are with you on site, for extensive live support,
  • We save you time and offer artistic and creative guidance.