A special selection of our database with more than 3000 live acts.

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From clowns to jugglers and a crazy lemonade man, this circus is full of surprises! Entertainment for every age and suitable for every event. Buy your tickets for this crazy circus here!

Walking Elephant

A life-size elephant walking through your audience? This Walking Elephant will certainly leave a big impression on all your guests! Book the Walking Elephant now for your event.

Laser show

A group of giant laser-shooting robots walking right through the crowd, this futuristic laser show will amaze everyone. Book this interactive laser show for your event!


The Slinky is back from your childhood and is better than ever! Relive your childhood memories with a big, flexible and cool Slinky act. Book this giant Slinky and get blown away!


Let’s dance! Name a dance style and we have the best dancers to add some swing and funk to your event. From ballroom to hip-hop, can we have this dance?

Magic Show

Add some magic to your event! These fantastic illusionists provide a unique magic show full of crazy illusions that will amaze your guests. Contact us for the possibilities!

Fire breather

Start a fire, at your event – not literally of course – with our fire breather! This unique act will not only serve as a warm-up but will amaze and fascinate your guests! Curious? Contact us!


Want to add a bit of horror and excitement to your event? For the fearless, we offer a bizarre freakshow full of sensation and excitement. Do you dare?

Video mapping

A fascinating pas-de-deux from modern dance and amazing visuals. This special dance duet is a feast for the eyes. Curious about the possibilities? Contact us!


Need some action on the dancefloor? Invite a breakdance crew and let their moves amaze you. These talented b-boys literally turn every moment into a party! Are you ready for their moves? Contact us!

Cheesy dancers

These dancers are not cheesy at all! The cheesy dancers will entertain and fascinate your audience. Say cheese and contact us for the possibilities!

Modern dancer

When it’s time for some fancy footwork… a Modern Dance might be what you need. Challenge the Modern Dancer and be surprised by a unique, fascinating dance. So, do you want a Modern Dancer at your event? Contact us!


Strong acrobats, flexible contortionists, and amazing acts, our acrobats can do it all. Entertainment for every age and suitable for every event. Curious about their flexibility? Give us a call!


Have your wildest dreams captured by our magical Dreamcatchers! Create the event of your dreams with the uniqe, dreamy performance. Make your dreams come true… give us a call!


They are elegant, graceful and – despite the cages – free as a bird! This flock of showgirls in birdcage costumes make a special appereance at any event. So, in for a special showcage? Contact us!

Brass Confetti

A little confetti makes everything better! But for those who really want something special, welcome the Brass Confetti! This confettihorn-ensemble will transform every event into a spectacular confetti-bomb! Want some? Call for confetti!


Watch out for our Canongirls! These girls aim for a banging event and – trust us – they will never miss! Want to take a shot? Call in the big guns!

Photo booth

Photos are the best way to relive memories and capture your event. We offer a variety of photo booths that fit every theme perfectly. Bring selfies to an elite level and make your event interactive with a photo booth! Curious? Contact us.