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Modern Dancer

Trained in various dancing styles, this guy doesn’t have a beat he can’t move to. Want to know more about this modern dancer? Contact us here.


Sweet dreams are made of this! A truly unique performance that your audience is sure to dream about after the show. Call to book this act now.

Cheesy Dancers

Vinyl DJ

Video DJ

Stilt walkers

These stilts are made for walking. And that’s just what they’ll do. If you call now these stilts are gonna walk all over you.

Underwater bar

Dancing Curtain

Hiphop DJ

House DJ


Visual DJ

Mobile DJ

LED Guitarist

With his guitar that lights up and the lasers that shoot from his hands, this act is a one-man laser rock show. If you want to rock out to we got the tickets right here!


Nikki Nice – DJ

Whether it’s spinning great house tracks, playing the violin or the grand piano, Nikki will bring her own unique vibe to any party and make sure it becomes awesome! Invite Nikki here!

Live DJ Act

Japanese Violins

Live Games

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. To prevent this we have some great games that are sure to bring out the kid in your audience. Game on!

Moving Dinner

Do you like having dinner but don’t like the fact that you need to sit in the same place the entire time? Well, then we have some good news! Call us for the solution!


Sonny Wilson – Vocalist/MC

Best known for the club banger “Booyah” together with Showtek, this enormously versatile singer has a lot to offer and is sure to bring life into any event he is at! Invite Sonny here!

Virtual Reality

Back in the day, this was seen only in sci-fi movies. But now you can get transported to another world with the power of virtual reality. So let’s get digital!




Get swept away with the beat of the drum and enjoy the rhythmic performance of this act. Give us a beat!

Aerial acts

Modern Live Orchestra

A full blown orchestra specialized in ‘Contemporary Jazz’ playing a variety of modern-day music. If you want to hear what tune the got for you contact us now.

Mirror Girls

Mirrors, mirrors on these girls so many mirrors on these girls. A synchronized routine with a laser light elements to light up the entire room.

Aerial acts

Bird-like acrobatics high above the ground. If these acts were not holding on to their silk ropes they would fly away before your very eyes. Catch them before they are gone!

Lavinia Meijer – Harpist


Hot funky sounds to make any event feel like a New Orleans jazz bar. Wanna let the rhythm take control? Give us a ring.




We didn’t start the fire, we are just passing on the torch in the form of a hot act that is sure to bring the heat to any event. For more fire puns click here!


Video Mapping


Great magicians that will astound and amaze you with their illusions. Do you want to know more? Just press “the magic lamp” once and we will grant your wish.






Walking Elephant


We always thought it was just a pipe dream but here they are the giant slinky. Do you wish to know how flexible this act is? Contact us now.



Great events need to be remembered and what better way than with a theme picture. After all, a photo says more than a 1000 words. Get you pictures here!